Health & Nutrition

I have devoted  a lot of time in the last years to explaining to people why the foods that we are eating are making us sick. Today these are often the maintaining causes to disease. Stress, the environment, how much we exercise, and how much our relationships support us are equally important and should not be neglected, but if you were to ask me which of these is the most important, I would still say food. Most of us know about the importance of the others. No one tries to get stressed or have bad relationships. It happens. But the food we eat is a choice we make every single day. And funnily enough it affects all the other factors.

To make this short, the best food for us is the food nature meant us to consume. To understand what this would be is a whole chapter because we have been conditioned to eat all kinds of foods by advertisers who want to make money on the products they sell. We can hardly think about right eating when we are seduced by all kinds of packaging and are often slaves to our taste buds, which have also been conditioned. I have heard people say that they would rather die than not eat certain foods, and that’s exactly what is happening.

Yet, surprisingly the healthiest food is tasty. Its not a deprivation. Its just an unlearning. And it permanently cures many diseases.

This will be covered in a lot of detail in a book I hope to finish soon. Until then, if you would like to learn to become your own best doctor, please come for any of our health workshops to get an overview.

The biggest impact that you can have on your own health, and the wider health of the planet and every living creature on it is by your food choices. Each of us has the possibility of becoming our own best doctors NOW.