My Practice

Homeopathy, a holistic therapy, a spiritual path

Having been trained as a homeopath, and being a homeopath at heart, I’m always looking at things from a holistic point of view. As the homeopath we all see a patient as a whole, and disease as a result of problems at the level of body, mind and spirit together. Homeopathy is based on Nature’s laws and requires a practitioner to have a very deep insight into everything connected with nature. Homeopathy requires from the practitioner to have a very deep insight in to the state of the human mind, maybe even beyond the level of a psychotherapist. And of course homeopathy requires from the practitioner to have a medical knowledge of the human body. Homeopathy, to my mind, is a process of growth, of mind and body, to reach a higher spiritual purpose.

The connection between the Nature and our mind and body

As a homeopath I was fascinated with the connection between nature and the human mind and body. Patients would get better miraculously, if their remedy were clearly found. To take a good case and to find the right remedy was exhilarating.

A Permanent Cure?

After many years of practising homeopathy, I found that many of my patients came back to me after years, or months, or even weeks with the same complaints that I had given them a remedy for. This was not what it should be. Homeopathy was supposed to be a permanent cure. Why was this not happening? These questions came to my mind. Even when the correct remedy was chosen and the cure was miraculous the patient could fall back. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, had already described the cause of these fall backs. There is little that he did not know. But there is a lot that we as practitioners did not follow. We did not understand so much that Hahnemann had clearly stated in his book, the Organon of Medicine a century ago. Hahnemann described the maintaining causes for a disease as our unhealthy habits and sometimes the unhealthy environment or thoughts. Today, because of our conditioning, it’s hard to even recognise that some our habits are unhealthy.

Arriving at the truth through de-conditioning or unlearning

Having always been interested in healthy living, and in a healthy diet, I found myself in this very same boat. Because of my conditioning, I was a vegetarian who consumed plenty of dairy, just because I was conditioned to think it was good for me. About 28 years ago, still in my early stages as a doctor, I heard about the process by which milk from cows and buffaloes is obtained. Being a staunch vegetarian, because of the cruelty issues, this information was a shock to me. It started me on the path to becoming a vegan. And this is what opened my eyes. For the first time in my life, I started seeing medical literature and articles related to health that I had never seen before. One of the first ones was an article in the Vegetarian Times, which explained how because of the high protein levels in cow’s milk, calcium was not absorbed from it. It was only because I was already averse to cow’s milk because of the cruelty aspects, that I recognised the significance. But there I was. When I read it I realised that all the patients with osteoporosis, who regularly taking extra dairy, they were taking calcium tablets, and they were never getting cured.

Inspiring People to make the Change

One thing led to another, and I read the many links to medical literature on Robert Cohen’s Notmilk website and in his e-mails. I read Dr Dean Ornish’s book, Reversing Heart Disease, which made a lot of sense. After largely changing my own diet, I began suggesting these methods to my patients. I did not have a lot of success. Patients were attached to their conditioning, and were not open to change, especially change in their diets. This made me think about how I could get them to follow the suggestions. And that opened a whole new process. I started with talks, then seminars and workshops always learning and growing to see how my work could be more effective in helping people de – condition and unlearn the wrong things they had been taught. For me this became all consuming. This was even more holistic than homeopathy. It made my homoeopathic practice look like mere puzzle solving. And I could see why many homeopaths were so involved with it sometimes to the point of addiction. But I recognised that I had to move on. Food as a medicine encompassed all. It was holistic, but not just holistic for a single human being. It had a wider significance for our planet, for the animals, and for every single person as well. If everyone in the world were to change their diet, it appears that we could reverse climate change, we could save water, save energy, feed every hungry person on the planet with food that is now being used to raise animals only to kill them so that a few ‘fortunate’ people can get sicker on them. It could save billions of helpless animals from intolerable cruelty. This was even more natural than homeopathy. What is natural about eating food that is not suitable to our anatomy and then taking medicine, albeit homoeopathic medicine or any other natural healing system medicine to counter the effects of it? Our number one killers today – heart disease, hypertension, cancer and diabetes are all linked to our ‘rich’ diets.

Getting to the Core

But even for people who want to continue to practice homeopathy or other therapies, I notice that most of them allow the patient to continue their medications and add their therapy to the whole lot. This will never cure. This does not help get to the core, because every part of the patient is connected. I have seen patients with mental diseases like manic depressive psychosis reverse this disease when they got off their diabetic medications. When we are treating patients at the level of the mind, if we cannot remove their physical illness first we are at a disadvantage.

Removing the Maintaining Cause is Essential to the Cure

For real cure, we have to first remove the maintaining cause. Once we do this, cure may ensue by itself or may need the help of a homeopath. Homeopathic remedies can work wonders once the cause is removed. But to work the other way around can be an uphill task all the way, never producing the results that are really needed. In order to help people understand the maintaining causes of their diseases and how to remove them, and to help them undo years of conditioning I conduct health workshops. Currently these are in the form of the following workshops – Peas vs Pills, Reversing Diabetes, Reversing Heart Disease and Hypertension. Other workshops are planned and updates will be available on this website.