About Me

My history as a doctor and homeopath

Let me first introduce myself to you. I was born to a family that always had used homeopathy. My maternal grandfather was a lay homeopath and from birth I had been treated almost exclusively with homeopathy with the exceptions of some vaccinations. Even these were stopped when my mother understood the implications of vaccinations on health.

I had seen many effective cures with homeopathy. This inspired me to take more interest in this gentle method of treatment. I knew that I would like to become a doctor as a means to helping reduce the suffering in the world. The option of using harsh chemical medications which I would worry about taking myself was not an option. This is why I chose to go to a Homeopathic Medical College instead of the regular medical college.

For me, the aversion to chemicals also extended to chemicals in food and in the environment. I would always chose  healthy wholesome food over readymade and eating out. Even as a child, soft drinks represented a bottle of water with chemicals and I would never drink them. Foods laced with pesticides tasted different to me, so whenever possible I would choose the organically grown foods. This was not such an issue in my childhood as it has unfortunately become today.

My teachers

It was with real conviction about the homeopathic line of treatment and the wish for holistic understanding that I did my LCEH at the CMP homeopathic college in Mumbai. I then studied under the late Sarabhai Kapadia, an expert in repertory who had devised an extensive homeopathic questionnaire, and also the late Dr Usha Maniar, his student. Through their meetings I had the opportunity to meet Dr Rajan Sankaran who I consider to be a genius.

I had the luck to study with him, and work with him and other members of the “Bombay Group” and it is to him that I owe my real love and knowledge of homeopathy. My other teachers included Vithoulkas, Jan Scholten, Jeremy Sherr, Nancy Herrick and Roger Morrison, Misha Norland, Anne Schadde, Juergen Becker, Alize Timmermann, Tinus Smits and others of whom many are also close friends. To these people I give sincere thanks for teaching me and joining me on the path of understanding homeopathic truths.

My view about homeopathic treatment today

After years of practice, and teaching homeopathy both in India and abroad I realize that sometimes patients treated very successfully with homeopathy come back with recurrences after a number of years. Often patients take the treatment till they get rid of their physical complaints but do not continue the treatment till they reach the highest potential that homeopathy has to offer them. Many do not understand the true potential of homeopathy. And even worse most of them come for homeopathic treatment while continuing “allopathic lifestyle.” I now believe that the doctor has as much a responsibility to cure the patient as to help him understand his role in his own cure. This has lead me today to conduct seminars and talks on how each one of us can take responsibility for one’s own health.

Today many of my patients are different. Many have heard of my work and make an appointment with me because of what they have heard or because they have met others who have recovered from severe diseases. Many of them are willing to take responsibility for their own cure and require only guidance. I am happy to see this because these are the ones that reach my ideal of permanent cure.

Disease, a path to personal growth

I now understand that disease is a path to personal growth. The only way that our body can speak to us is through symptoms, sensations and alterations in function. If we are willing to listen to the only entity that is always working in our favour, we will achieve not just relief from symptoms but incredible personal development that perhaps no teacher in the world can provide. It is my pleasure to be a vehicle in the personal development of so many people, and to know that many of these people will start working to spread this knowledge themselves to make the world a better place.

We are all connected. When we truly heal ourselves we spread the healing energy to others in our sphere as well. One of my favourite quotes is from Dr. Joel Kreisberg, Teleosis Institute: Healing means to ‘make whole.’ Our personal health is interconnected to all the other beings on this planet. When we approach the process of healing with integrity for the whole, we create a healthier and more just society.